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Anti Anti Anti

ANTI ANTI ANTI – taking no prisoners!

Exodus-Anthrax-like old-school thrash riffs, refined with a tiny touch of thrashing punk-rock, are building the foundation of this booze-party suitable thrashpunk. The four musicians Steff (voc.), Alex (drums), Lars (bass) and Throsten (git.) tinker with reviving these musical genres since 2018 and are doing damn good job according to themselves. And in contrast to the usual metal seriousness, these four guys don’t even bother to look evil. The role of the audience is quite simple: Bottoms up – It’s mosh pit time. That’s all!

Stay anti!

Our Music

  1. We Are Sublime Anti Anti Anti 2:15
  2. Alpha and Omega Anti Anti Anti 3:12
  3. Master Fight Anti Anti Anti 1:31
  4. The Cure Anti Anti Anti 1:21
  5. Pull The Trigger Anti Anti Anti 2:06

Tour Dates

No upcoming event scheduled

Our Videos

Anti Anti Anti – Master Fight

The Cure becomes the Poison

We are Sublime (Official Lyrics Video)

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The Cure becomes the Poison Video

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Sternhagel November 2019

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